Thursday, March 21, 2019

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ReadXP is a happiness and wellness influencer in its readers’ life. Self-improvement, homemade beauty products, lifestyle and everything that will make the readers life happy and healthy is being taken care by our readxperts.

Latin & Greeks from the Tech-World has also been converted into plain simple English for everyone to understand. You will find niches which concern us all as the global citizen of the world !

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Annie is the lead readxpert. She has experience in diverse fields ranging from rigorous work out to managing administration, from handling stress at work to homemade beauty products. You must be wondering how ??

Prior to setting sails on her entrepreneurship journey, she has served in the Uniformed Services. Her immaculate styling sense & fashion tips are attributed to her modeling stint with the Kingfisher.

Reading books, writing articles and debating on various subjects has been her hobby and she decided to dedicate all her time to do what she loves. When asked about her approach to life, she says

“ Love life the way it is. Sometimes chaotic ! Sometimes wonderful ! ”

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