Bigg Boss 10 Winner – Is it Manveer Gurjar

Bigg Boss 10 Winner
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Two days are still left in Bigg Boss 10 Grand Finale, however, it appears the anticipation behind winner’s name has reached an end. As indicated in the reports of Hindi entertainment website BollywoodLife, the Name of Bigg Boss 10 Winner has been finalized. And, he is none other than the widely adored Manveer Gurjar.

Bigg Boss 10 Winner
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Yes, you read that right!

There is no doubt that the Commoner (India waale) have outplayed the celebrities in Bigg Boss Season 10. They were the lifeline of the show. And in the process, Manu and Manveer have emerged as the new heroes of the house. It is speculated that leaving Manu behind, Manveer will win the show and prize money which is Approx Rs 40 lakh.

Public response during Manveer’s appearance at Orbit mall in Vashi, establishes the fact that he already is a celebrity.

Was a Celebrity expected to be Bigg Boss 10 Winner

The common man Manveer Gurjar has undergone a complete transformation, we bet that even the makers of the show must be having a tough time trying to finalise whose win might earn them more TRPs, considering that Colors has been subjected to criticism for picking favourites.

Prince Narula winning the 9th season did raise some eye brows. In Bigg Boss season 10, it has been widely speculated that Roadies Fame, Bani J will win the show. There is no doubt that she is the most popular memeber in the house of Bigg Boss 10. However, her performance has not matched up with grand expectations that people had from her.

Kamaal Rashid Khan, who shot to fame with Bigg Boss 3 and was the biggest troublemaker of that season, has been following the current season and has made a shocking statement regarding the show being fixed.

“Today it’s 100% confirmed that Viacom’s artist Bani is fixed #BiggBoss10 winner coz Viacom doesn’t want to give prize money to any1 else,” he tweeted.

However, the Tweet has been rejected by many as just another publicity stunt of KRK.

Whether Manveer is declared as a Bigg Boss 10 Winner or not, It is for sure, that his career is going to be promising. This So-called Commoner is no longer a Commoner but a Celebrity. Manveer’s personal life and his relationships with members in his own house and in Bigg Boss house has also earned him the audiences’ love and support.

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