How to make Home Made Kajal

How to make Home Made Kajal

Kohl or Kajal is one of the daily used basic makeup product and we have several brands selling kajal but there is always a chance of it being loaded with chemicals like charcoal, silver nitrate etc which can harm our eyes. And I need not emphasise on the importance of our eyes and eye sight!!

Homemade kajal not only beautifies our eyes but also cleans it and gives a soothing effect to the eyes and thus can also be applied to children. And guess what!! Making homemade kajal is very simple! So let’s straight away get to business!!

Procedure No.1 (This one is my granny’s recipe):

1. Take a clean bronze lamp (diya) and fill it with cow ghee (it will be yellowish in colour).

2. Make a cotton wick, soak it in the cow ghee and place it in the lamp. Light the lamp.

3. Place two bowls or any kind of blocks on either side of the lamp for support.

How to make Home Made Kajal

4. Place a plate (preferably silver, but even steel plate is fine) over the lamp (about half an inch above the lamp so that the flame tip touches the plate) with the help of the supports.

5. Once the flame is extinguished, let the plate cool down.

6. Collect the soot formed on the plate with the help of a small spoon in a glass jar and put a few drops of melted cow ghee to form a uniform paste.

7. Put this jar in the refrigerator for an hour and thereafter it can be stored at room temperature.

How to make Home Made Kajal

Procedure No.2: The Almond Kajal

1. This procedure is similar to the procedure no. 1, except that an almond is to be placed above the flame and hold an inverted spoon right above the almond so that the soot collects on it.

2. The number of almonds to be used will vary according to the quantity of kajal required.

3. Collect the soot in a jar and add a few drops of melted cow ghee and place the jar in the refrigerator for an hour. Later it can be stored at the room temperature.

Though homemade kajals have long shelf life but it is recommended that fresh kajal should be prepared every 3 months.

Now that you know how to make home made Kajal (Kohl), try Home Made Lip Balm

So try it and let me know if you liked it!!

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