Oil Cleansing Method for Beautiful Skin

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Clear, healthy and dewy-looking skin seems to be a mysterious goal which is difficult to achieve. You would have bought expensive creams, got regular exotic massages, took vitamin supplements for beautiful skin and would have still felt that the result was very short term.

Few months back I came to know about a face cleansing method using blend of oils. Initially it sounded contradictory to clean face with oil. But once I started using it regularly I could see the difference in my skin. I have used many Ayurvedic and herbal cleansers but the effect that Oil Cleansing Method had on my skin is amazing. The best part is, it works for all skin types (even for oily skin!).

The basic principal on which this method is based on is that oil dissolves oil. The oil used to massage your skin will dissolve the oil that has hardened with impurities and found itself stuck in your pores. The warm water (or steam)  will open your pores, allowing the oil to be easily removed. Generally it’s a mixture of two oils, one is for cleansing and the second one is for conditioning the skin.

The most common oils used are Castor Oil and Olive Oil, though any natural oil can be used. Castor Oil is naturally astringent, so it helps pull impurities from the skin, making it ideal for oily or combination skin (and even dry skin in lesser amounts). Castor oil should never be used undiluted on the skin, as it can make skin very dry.

Beginner OCM Recipes

Oily Skin Type
30% Castor oil or Hazelnut oil, 70% Sunflower oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil

Combo/Normal Skin Type
20% Castor oil or Hazelnut oil, 80% Sunflower oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil

Dry Skin Type
10% Castor oil or Hazelnut oil, 90% Sunflower oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil

To find out the best blend for you, I recommend starting with the suggested amounts above for your skin type and adjusting if needed.

Other options of oil as per your skin type are mentioned below:-

Blend of oils for Oil Cleansing Method
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Skin Type / Compatible Cleansing Oils

Sensitive Skin type
rice bran, grapeseed, apricot kernel,  jojoba, safflower, sunflower, sweet almond, watermelon, calendula, sea buckthorn,  camellia oil

Dry Skin type
extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), macadamia, corn, avocado, sesame, sunflower, wheat germ, shea oil, sweet almond, emu oil, camellia oil

Oily Skin type
grapeseed, jojoba, watermelon, hazelnut, safflower,  peach kernel, rice bran

Acne prone skin
neem, jojoba, grapeseed, watermelon, rice bran, apricot seed, hazelnut, peach kernel, sweet almond, sunflower, safflower, walnut, tea tree oil

Normal Skin type
sunflower, canola, sweet almond, olive, safflower, avocado, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), camellia oil,

Mature skin
rosehip seed, borage, carrot, sweet almond, olive, avocado, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO),  red raspberry, camellia oil

Oil Cleansing Method
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How to do Oil Cleansing:

  1. Get your oil mixture, washcloth and warm water.
  2. Wet face with warm water.
  3. Pour about 1/2 teaspoon of oil into your palm and rub hands together.
  4. Rub fingers gently over your face in small circles for 30 seconds to 2 minutes to allow the oil to penetrate. Concentrate on areas with blocked pores.
  5. Quickly wet the washcloth with warm water, wring it out, and spread it over your face. Make sure the water you use is warm enough to help dissolve dirt and oil but not too hot.
  6. Leave on until the washcloth has cooled to about room temperature and then wipe your face with it.
  7. Repeat 1-2 more times, to make sure that all the oil has been removed from your face (without striping it off its natural oil).
  8. Voila! You have oil cleansed.
  9. If skin feels tight after, it is recommended to try changing the combination of oils or the percentage of oil are to be changed as per your skin.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Some sensitive skin types (especially mild rosacea types) find that “steaming” over a bowl works better than using washcloth steaming. They find that they can better regulate the level of heat their skin receives by adjusting the distance they place their face to the steam source.
  • For those with fragile capillaries it is recommended to avoid the “over a bowl steaming” method and in some cases any kind of “steaming”. Instead try just rinsing gently and thoroughly with warm then cool water.
  • It is important to make sure all oil residue is removed from the skin without stripping the skin.
  • Some use Oil Cleansing Method in the shower to save time. Before going into the shower they apply an oil blend to their dry face. While showering they let the steam from the shower substitute for the traditional washcloth steaming method.

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