Drinking 8 Glasses of Water Gives Healthy Skin – Fact or Myth

Drinking 8 Glasses of Water Gives Healthy Skin – Fact or Myth

I yearn for smooth, soft and glowing skin and like doing a lot of research, both online and offline digging for natural and homemade ways to achieve it. I strongly believe that our skin literally eats whatever we apply on it. Thus chemicals come last in my menu (when there is no other choice like in sunscreens).

Amongst loads of skin care tips, the most common that I read and heard people swearing by was to drink lots of water for that perfectly healthy and even toned skin. Though the exact amount of water that is to be gulped always varied with different sources, the basic principle behind the advice remained the same. More or less the general advice is to drink 8 glasses of water in a day. In hotter climates or while exercising, the water intake is to be further increased to compensate for sweating.

Drinking 8 Glasses of Water Gives Healthy Skin - Fact or MythOn further digging into the subject I was surprised at the lack of evidence available to back up this well known beauty tip. The idea that you’ll have a healthy skin if you stay hydrated is so commonplace and yet there is hardly any documented experiment or research results available. I guess partly because water can’t be patented, so it is hard to find anyone to fund such a research when there will be no new medication or cosmetic to sell in the market that could repay the cost of research.

How far is this beauty tip accurate?

I believe this beauty tip is partially true because there are many health benefits of staying hydrated. Water is central to our body’s day-to-day functioning.

It flushes toxins from the vital organs, carries nutrients to cells, aids in digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion.

We need to drink enough water to avoid chronic dehydration and cell damage over time. Without it we die in matter of days.

But here is the food for thought.

Because drinking too little water is bad for the skin, does it follow that drinking a lot of it is good?

Though a lot of people claim that drinking lots of water gives radiant, healthy, younger-looking complexion. There are also people claiming that it has no effect on skin’s appearance whatsoever.

So which is true?

The problem is a general lack of evidence that drinking more water makes any difference to your skin. We can’t say it definitely doesn’t work, but there is no evidence that it does. Which leaves the question how much water one must drink?

If we look at the facts, we know skin being an organ is made up of cells and skin cells, like any other cell in the body are made up of water. Without water, the organs will certainly not function properly or at their best. If your skin is not getting the sufficient amount of water, the lack of hydration will in turn make your skin dry, tight and flaky which will be wrinkle prone.

Dehydration also affects our body in many other forms. Most common being dip in blood production & circulation, fatigue, headache, indigestion, constipation and mood swings etc. So water is undoubtedly the most important nutrient for the body.

Drinking 8 Glasses of Water Gives Healthy Skin - Fact or Myth

The Secret

Hence the secret to healthy skin is not to gulp lots of water but to keep sipping water at a stretch of time. If you drink more water in a shorter duration, you’ll only frequent to the loo. However, if you spend drinking the same amount of water over 2 hours time, you will be able to retain the water in your body. Keep a jug by your work table and continue sipping water all day. See for yourself, How Water consumption relieves fatigue and re-energises. You can start your day with a glass of lukewarm water with half a lemon’s juice for improved digestion.

The water may or may not act like a fairy dust for your skin. But it definitely is essential for your general body functions. If your body will be healthy, it will reflect in your skin! So listen to your body. Vary the amount of water you drink as per the weather and activities that you are involved with.

No one can determine if you have dehydration better than yourself.

If you feel that you are already thirsty or sweating profusely, you have to replenish your body with water immediately!!

Stay healthy and you will be beautiful!!

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