Reduce Belly Fat Fast – Brisk Walking can be the solution


Risk of Belly Fat comes in all sizes and shapes. I am talking about fat ! Sadly it acts too stubborn in places where they are just not desirable (I know they aren’t desirable at all at the first place but just because they have come and you have to deal with them).

When it comes to health, there is one place where fat is especially dangerous. So get rid of belly fat fast.

Reduce Belly Fat Fast

Fat around the mid section (belly fat) makes the individual prone to heart disease, type 2 diabetes. Experts say that fat cells actually regulate metabolic functions and fat cells in the belly release especially large amounts of fatty acids, which can wreak havoc on a person’s blood sugar and insulin metabolism. People with belly fat are prone to metabolic and cardiovascular complications.

Why to try Brisk Walking.

When you seriously want to lose your belly fat, walking may not even come to your mind. I am sure you would have tried quite a few things with all the dedication and maybe (hopefully) or maybe not (don’t give up champion!) got any success in your endeavour. But you know what! Brisk

walking should definitely be given an honest try if you want to trim your waistline. Of course the right diet should also be given as much importance as your exercises. Aerobic exercises like brisk walking are the most beneficial way to lose belly fat. Researchers suggest that brisk walking is sufficient stimulus to increase cardiovascular fitness, reduce body weight, BMI and body fat and decrease resting diastolic blood pressure in otherwise healthy individuals.

There is a strong relationship between intensity of exercise and fat-burning hormones. So if you’re exercising at a pace considered to be hard, you’re likely to release more of these hormones. Brisk walking is easier on the joints than running. That’s why walking is a smart long term fitness plan!

Best time to do it.

Most studies suggest that walking before breakfast offers the best benefits. People who practice various forms of exercises before breakfast had a greater fat and carbohydrate breakdown and overall energy expenditure.

How to do it.

How much one should walk? One needs to walk at a steady fast enough so your heart beats faster and causes you to breath harder and deeper. If you are unable to speak, you are probably walking too fast. Both speed and duration are important in losing belly fat.

Aim towards walking a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes per day, four to six days a week.

A bulge in the belly is a wake-up call. If you pay attention to it at the early stages it will take you long way in towards preventing the health problems associated with belly fat.

Remember that a healthy lifestyle is well within your reach, all you have to do is get up and walk!

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