10 Signs That Your Husband Still Loves You without Him Saying It

10 Signs That Your Husband Still Loves You without Him Saying It
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It’s a well known time tested fact that any marriage cannot be all sunshine, but the two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together. We all have heard about the ‘Seven Year Itch’ in marriage. Wikipedia defines it as a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of a marriage. Some marriages experience a gradual decline in the quality after 4 years and some after 7 years.

Well whatever is the number of year after this happens, it is understood that most married couples experience this. There could be various reasons such as work, kids, aging parents etc that must be causing exhaustion to the couple and marriage taking a back seat. But whatever happens, as a couple you should remember that it’s just a phase and will go away. As women we tend to over-think (and ultimately over-react) to situations! Many a times our dear husband is just caught up with the worldly responsibilities but still loves us from the core of his heart. Any time you have a doubt on his love, look for following 10 signs in your husband that will reassure you that he still loves you without him saying it aloud to you.

Following are the 10 signs:-

1. He loves to spoil you: Whenever he gets a chance or rather say some time, say on a Sunday morning, he gets up before you and heads to the kitchen for making tea and some breakfast for you!

2. He acts silly in front of you just to make you laugh: He may be a sober gentleman for the world, but in front of you he can be silly. He acts funny and makes faces just to make you laugh! Your laugh is damn precious for him.

3. He is aware how his actions or behaviour affect you: And thus he always tries to change himself so that he doesn’t hurt you. If he is trying to leave some of his bad habits because you asked him to do so, it means he values you more than anything in this world.

4. He looks after your needs without you realising it: If he recharges your phone without you telling him, or puts a blanket on you when you are cold and other such small actions speak of his love for you.

He holds your hand instinctively
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5. He holds your hand instinctively: When you’re in a crowded place or when you are crossing a street, he holds your hand as a reflex action.

6. He wants to know about your day: He always asks you about your day and is interested even in the mundane things that you did. If he knows that you had a bad day, then he will try his best to cheer you up. He may try to get creative for you even when creativity is not his forte.

7. He’s protective for you: If you are going on a trip alone, then he keeps checking on you and if you have reached safely to your destination.

helps you with household chores
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8. Helps you when you ask for it: “I’ll do the dishes” will cheer up a woman more than “I love you”. If he helps you with the household chores whenever you ask him to, it indicates that he wants to lessen your burden and will be delighted to help you. Here as a good wife, you should not start correcting him or expect him to do the things your way.

9. Can’t stay mad at you for long: If you had a fight, he may try to patch up as much as you do as he can’t stay mad at you for long. So if he apologises or accepts your apology, then it indicates that he cares for your feelings and can’t see you hurt anymore.

10. He takes stand for you: If there is some issue then he will not let anybody hurt you and will take a stand for you in front of the world, even when you are wrong. But of course he will correct you in private.

A successful marriage is falling in love many times with the same person.

So even if there is a rough patch in your marriage right now, it doesn’t mean that the love is over. Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines. So, love your husband more than you love your career, hobby or money as all these things cannot love you back. And don’t let any negative thought rent any space in your mind.

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