10 Best Tips to Take Care of your High Heels


Marilyn Monroe nailed it when she said “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot ”.

As far as my opinion goes, I don’t mind the slight ‘pinch’ that I get while adding an ‘inch’ to my height with my favourite stilettos. When we women put on our high heels, we have a different posture, a different attitude. We really stand up and have a consciousness of our body.  Heels transform our body language and attitude. They lift us up not only physically but also emotionally. I always follow our heart while buying  heels and not my brain. Now here’s the thing about our favourite purchase (which generally costs us a fortune!); it requires a commitment from our side that we will take good care of the heels and in return they will last longer with us.

10 Best Tips to Take Care of your High Heels

So here are the 10 best ways to take care of your high heels and keep them pretty season after season:-


Take Care of your High Heels - Rubber bottom1.   Instead of Plastic heel base go for Rubber heel base.  In most of the stilettos, the backing over the tip of the heel is made of plastic, which tends to grind against concrete, says expert. “And after a few uses, half of it gets worn down which exposes the metal point of the heel. It makes it difficult for you to walk in it and changes the entire look of the shoe.” Hence, once you’ve invested in your statement heel, take it to a cobbler to have the plastic base swapped out for a more durable rubber equivalent.

2.   Heel savers/ stoppers.  Using a protective plastic cap over the heel will prevent it from wear and tear and thus increase the look and life many folds. They come in different colours or are even transparent, which can go with any colour heels.

3.   Do not Stomp while wearing heels.  Try to walk gently and elegantly. That is the whole purpose of wearing high heels, right? Remember you have invested a fortune in those heels so be aware of how you’re putting your foot down on the ground.

4.   Be Careful while Taking off your shoes.  Step out of your heels as delicately and with as much care as when you put them on. When you don’t untie them and use your foot to remove the opposite shoe, it crushes the heel cap as the heel and toe cap hold the form of the shoe.

Tips to Take Care of your High Heels - water proofing5.   Do some water proofing for your heels.  The roads and streets will always be full of puddles and dirt so it’s better that you waterproof your footwear.There are water repellents available for shoes in the market that will help protect your favourite stilettos from water. Not only water, it will protect your footwear from dirt and grime.

6.   Use Antiperspirant spray on your foot.  If you have plans to wear your heels for longer hours in the evening (and dance wearing them!!), it’s better you spray some antiperspirant on your foot before wearing your footwear. This will save your shoe’s leather from the sweat and moisture from your foot. 

7.   Don’t wear them while driving.  Never drive wearing heels as it is a sure way to damage your shoes as the pressure on your heels from driving can cause heels or shanks to break. Wear a flipflops while driving car.

8.   Clean your shoes regularly.  You should know the material of your footwear. To maintain footwear made out of fabric or velour you should rely mostly on soapy water and soft cloth. After every use, remove the dirt and other impurities attached on your footwear. This will let your footwear breath. Make sure you only slightly dampen the cloth because you do not want to soak your shoe in the water. If you find a particularly tough scuff mark or stain, try gently scrubbing with the tiniest dab of baking soda and a used toothbrush, (a spot-test is recommended first). If it’s a leather footwear, then you should wash your shoes with a leather shampoo, a conditioner (like the classic Leather Honey conditioner), a soft brush (maybe a used toothbrush) and cold water. Notwithstanding the material of the footwear, post washing, ensure that they are completely dried up (even little amount of water left can cause moulds and fungus growth).

9.   Be Careful while drying your shoes.  Post washing (or after accidently soaking your stilettos in water), don’t try to dry them in the sun and definitely don’t blast them with a hair dryer. They need to dry slowly and steadily in order to maintain its shape; so stuff your wet heels with newspaper and let your heels dry out evenly on their own.

10.   Store them correctly.  When not in use, don’t just dump them in the bottom of the wardrobe. Put them in linen dust bags and line them on the floor of the wardrobe or wherever you keep them. You can also put a small packet of silica gel to suck the moisture. It is best to store the shoes at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Invest in a good shoe closet so that they stay longer and aren’t affected by outside elements.

Don’t you get bogged down seeing all these tips to take care of your high heels because all these effort will pays off every time you pull out that statement piece, season after season!!

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