5 Simple Rules for Buying the Perfect Winter Coat


Sweaters, Boots, Bonfires, Scarves, Hot Chocolate, cuddling, tea with pakoras, Hoodies, crisp air… all these indicate the setting up of winters !! And while the winter is still coming-in, shopaholics like me are already planning their winter apparel shopping. These high street shops know exactly how to take all my money when it comes to winter clothing. There’s always a classy coat or cardigan that just needs to go in my basket. So after all the ‘trial and errors’ and reading of fashion magazines, here is my summary.

5 simple rules for buying the perfect winter coat that will last for years to come and not just one winter season.

A beautifully cut, floor-length velvet coat might look fantastic for an evening at the theatre but it’s not at all practical when driving to work or going to the market at the weekend.

1.   Trendy is the last stage before Tacky : You first have to decide  what exactly are you looking for. If you are looking for a coat that has to be used everyday and needs to stay with you for years, then please avoid following trends and go for the classy one. Also if it is your first coat, I would recommend that you should start from the classic ones.

2.   Style and length that will compliment your body shape : Coats aren’t really about showing your body. Ultimately they’re about keeping you warm and fitting the clothes underneath it.

Buying the Perfect Winter Coat for plus size body type(a)   For Plus Size Body : Larger figures will look best in leaner straight cuts and should avoid double-breasted coats or those made of thick material such as sheepskin or ‘puffa’ padded nylon. Choose a coat that looks good when they are worn open too. If going for a belted one, then opt for one with a wider belt which will flatter a thicker waist. Don’t be afraid to emphasise your stature if you are very tall. Ankle- length coats can look particularly dramatic – but be sure the sleeves are long enough to avoid looking as if you have out grown your coat.

Buying the Perfect Winter Coat for petite built

(b)   For Petite built : Belted coats look best on slim and petite figures. Avoid any baggy coat that will make you look like a pumpkin! By far, the most flattering coat style for a petite woman is a hip length, slim cut one. This kind of coat is also known as a stroller coat. Even if you are plus-sized, a single breasted slim cut coat will add to your length and make you look stylish. Peacoats look great and if you wear them with a fitted belt they will highlight your waist and create a sleek silhouette for you.

(c)   Occasion : Think about what you will be wearing underneath your coat and when you will wear it – work, or evenings party, or at the weekend? Choose the right length for your wardrobe – a mid-calf length works well with both skirts and trousers. For a practical investment, the best route you can take is a coat that ties around the waist, that’s minimal in the front, and has a nice collar.

3.   Fitted or oversized : Fitted coats always look better than oversized ones. But ensure you can lift your arms up easily in the coat and that the buttons fasten comfortably over your chest. To get the right fit for you, when buttoning a coat,

First try to button the button just above the navel, and if the coat is still loose try the next button above that.

Buttons below the navel are frequently left unfastened, especially if the coat is not cropped.

Secondly, Make sure the arms are roomy enough to fit a suit jacket or jumper underneath as there is nothing more irritating than sleeves bunched up around your elbows.

If you are buying two coats – go for one darker and one lighter coloured. Use the darker for day-to-day activities and keep the lighter-coloured coat for special occasions and evenings out as nothing can beat the glamour of a winter white belted coat.

4.   Go for a Neutral Colour : For a new coat to be considered an investment you should stick to classic colours like black or navy blue. But if you want to try a little bit more fresh, go for a beautiful heather gray, camel, light army green, or cream.


5.   For Ultimate Warmth: Look for wool or down  or a combo of the two that buttons all the way to the neck. Consider an exterior fabric that’s water-resistant, like nylon or polyester. Some are washable — a consideration especially if you buy a light colour. Double-breasted and longer styles are warmest. If you live where the weather fluctuates or you’re always running around, buy a coat with a zip-out lining made of wool, down, or fleece. The shell and lining can be worn separately or together.

And finally…

A good coat will normally be expensive compared to your other winter apparels. In fact one should buy the best coat that one can afford.

You’ll be wearing this coat every day for the next few months, so be prepared to spend a little more to ensure you get the best quality and a coat that will last. This expenditure will be worth in the long term. It’s a part of building up your ideal closet!! Selection is really important when it comes to coats. It has so much to do with your personality.

Take care of your investment and it will last you years.

  • Dry clean your coat often and be sure to hang it on a wooden hanger rather than a hook on the back of the door.
  • The silhouette of your coat relies on the shoulders and once they go, the coat will look shapeless and worn. Remember you bought it to use it year after year!!

Happy Shopping Beauties!!


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