Friday, March 24, 2017

Tattoo Trends That Are Way More Stylish

“Tattoos are like stories – they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life.” – Pamela Anderson Tattooing has been practised across the globe since...
5 Facts About Priyanka Yoshikawa – Half Indian Wins Miss Japan

5 Facts About Priyanka Yoshikawa – Half Indian Wins Miss Japan

Priyanka Yoshikawa, a half – Indian, half – Japanese, 22 year old girl was crowned with the title of Miss Japan 2016 on 06...

5 Simple Rules for Buying the Perfect Winter Coat

Sweaters, Boots, Bonfires, Scarves, Hot Chocolate, cuddling, tea with pakoras, Hoodies, crisp air… all these indicate the setting up of winters !! And while...

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How to tell when your child is lying

How to Tell When Your Child Is Lying

Lying is a very natural, yet a dangerous occurrence. Unfortunately it is part of growing up, but parents and teachers need to be aware...
Post Holi Skincare Tips

Post Holi Skincare Tips

Do you have a love and hate relationship with the festival Holi? You enjoy the fun and frolic but do not trust the colors...

Oil Cleansing Method for Beautiful Skin

Clear, healthy and dewy-looking skin seems to be a mysterious goal which is difficult to achieve. You would have bought expensive creams, got regular...