Tattoo Trends That Are Way More Stylish


“Tattoos are like stories – they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life.” – Pamela Anderson

Tattooing has been practised across the globe since ancient times. About 15% of the general population is tattooed. Increasingly women and young people are getting tattooed. Tattoos are a bold form of self-expression, they are lifelong commitment as removing them completely is nearly impossible (without getting scarred for ever)!! So the pressure of zeroing down to ‘your best pick’ can make you feel a bit overwhelmed. With time there are many new tattoo trends that are way more stylish and help you express yourself in a much better way.

Here I enlist the best tattoo trends that are way more stylish and are being spotted by many celebrities also

1. Hyper-realistic or Photorealistic tattoo trend   Hyper-realistic tattoo trends have taken realism with style to a whole new level!! When the image is a 3D-illusion or so life-like that it is difficult to believe that it is a tattoo, that is called a Hyper-realistic or Photo-realistic tattoo. Only the best tattoo artists can pull it off so if you want one of these tattoos, search for an artist who knows his job really well or else the whole point of getting a Hyper-realistic tattoo will be wasted. It is recommended that these kinds of tattoos should be done either in black or grey. The coloured tattoos tend to become blurry with time.

2. Tiny tattoo trend  These are minimalistic tattoos that are catching trend for people who want to give a short and subtle message. This is also cost effective and needs a very small area on your body. This tattoo trend has been hot for a while and is sure to remain a major trend in 2017!! Arms, side of the ribs, back of the neck, and behind the ear—these are beautiful, elegant spots preferred for tiny tattoos.

3. Hip or waist tattoo trend   This is the most intensely personal tattoo! It is most suited for those people who want a tattoo but want to keep it covered occasionally , such as in professional environments or places which do not consider it apt. This position offers flexible visibility. The disadvantage is, it can be bit more painful to tattoo the hip area so be prepared accordingly!!

4. Inner arm tattoo trend   Arms are the most inked part of the body. Mainly because it is the most conveniently exposed part of the body and also gives lot of room for the tattoo artist to create beautiful tattoo designs. This is preferred part for people who want the world to see their tattoo.

5. Geometric tattoo trend   A weird place for Geometry to invade!! Geometrical tattoos ask for great technical skills from tattoo artists as even one line which is not straight will make the whole tattoo awful. Using the building blocks of circles, hexagons, and more complex shapes, artists form unique geometric designs with shading and dotwork between the lines. This is preferred by people who are not to be trifled with (I meant badass)!! This tattoo trend skips words and phrases entirely. Aesthetically pleasing geometric shapes are often placed to complement the body’s contours and boast a timeless appeal.

6. Quotes or Script tattoo trend    This tattoo trend has been there for a while and will stay in 2017 being a classic. Every script tattoo has a different story or belief behind it. For some it may indicate their life experiences, for some it maybe their strong belief or faith. The new trend is the delicate cursive writing.

People get scripted in different languages like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit etc.

It is advisable that if you are getting a tattoo scripted in a different language, you should be aware what does it mean and the letters are grammatically correct!!

7. Cosmetic tattoos or permanent makeup   This tattoo trend is catching up with those people who want to save their time and still have a perfect eye-liner or eye-brows or lip-liner when they step out of their house in the morning!

The most popular cosmetic tattoos involve filling in sparse eyebrows, permanent eye or lip liner. But remember that you can’t just walk into a tattoo parlour and ask them to do your eyeliner as this should be approached like plastic surgery and you need to find a certified micro-pigmentation professional who has experience in the procedure you want done.

He should have hands of a surgeon and eyes of an artist.

Also Cosmetic tattoo or Permanent makeup is just below the surface of your skin. With time and exposure to sun, it may fade and will need periodic touch ups to keep it fresh.