Miss Canada Puts Down Body Shamers Elegantly

miss canada puts down body shamers
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“We always focus on the things we wish we could change rather than loving everything we are.”

Though Miss France Iris Mittenaere won the Miss Universe 2017 pageant, but Miss Canada Siera Bearchell took home the competition’s Body-Positivity crown and she made us all proud of her.

Ashley Graham, was the pageant’s backstage host. She interviewed Miss Canada backstage after the swimsuit round, a part of the competition where social media trolled Bearchell.

“To the haters I say, we are confident with who we are, because we’re women…we’re confident with ourselves and love ourselves and that’s what’s important,” Bearchell said.

“What do you do when you look in the mirror…do you have words of affirmation, to get yourself psyched up?” Graham asked Bearchell. “Because not everyone is as comfortable in their skin as maybe the two of us are.”

“Focus on what you love about yourself, because in our society, we’re taught to look (a certain way),” she replied. “Focus on the things that make you confident.”

Bearchell recently gained weight, a fact that led to a bombardment of criticism on social media. Rather than backslapping to the hate, though, Bearchell took to Instagram to post an affirmation of self-acceptance and body positivity.

In a series of recent Instagram posts, Bearchell, a 23-year-old lawyer in training from Moose Jaw, Canada, responded to commenters’ jabs about her weight, sharing older pageant pics with deeply personal messages about why her frame may not look the same as other Miss Universe contestants.

Following two posts are from her instagram :-

I was recently asked, “What happened to you? Why have you gained weight? You are losing points” This was a reference to my body of course. While I am first to say I am not as lean as I was when I was 16, 20, or even last year, but I am more confident, capable, wise, humble and passionate than ever before. As soon as I started to love who I was rather than always trying to fit what I thought society wanted me to be, I gained a whole new side of life. This is the side I am trying to bring to the @missuniverse competition. The side of life that is so rare to find: self-worth and self-love. We always focus on the things we wish we could change rather than loving everything we are. #missuniverse#bodydiversity #IMG

miss canada
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“It takes discipline to have the body of a Miss Universe.” It also takes discipline to be accepted into Law School. It takes discipline to run a marathon. It takes discipline to be true to ourselves in a world that is constantly trying to shape us into something we are not. People have asked me if I changed my body to prove a point. No. Our lives are fluid, dynamic and ever-changing. So are our bodies. To be truthful, I restricted my food intake intensely at previous pageants and was miserable, self-conscious and I never felt good enough. No matter how little I ate and how much weight I lost, I constantly compared myself to others and felt like I could still lose more. My mental perception did not match the physical body I saw in the mirror. There were days I would eat a protein bar, workout for hours and struggle to fall asleep because I as so hungry. My body is not naturally lean and that’s okay. I am healthy. I am fit. I am confident. I am me. This is who I am right now and I’m okay with it, so you should be too. My fellow ladies, remember that true beauty, and validation start from within. #confidentlybeautiful #missuniverse

I think we all women should take a cue from her message to love yourself, and benefit from following her decision to put her happiness first.

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