Friday, April 20, 2018
Why Men don't call often

Why Men Don’t Call Often

Recently I and my husband were having an argument (don’t worry, arguments makes my marriage even more stronger!!) about how frequently he used to...

20 Interesting Facts about Marriage and Relationship

Whether you’re waiting to take the plunge or have already been hitched for many years, these interesting facts about marriage and relationship might still surprise...
5 Ways in Which Husbands Hurt Their Wives Unintentionally

5 Ways in Which Wives Hurt Their Husbands Unintentionally

A man’s best fortune, or his worst, is his wife. As I had written a blog on '5 Ways in Which Husbands Hurt their Wives...
Gift for the host

Thoughtful Gifts for the Party Host

"That’s what life is about. Let’s have a party. Let’s have it tonight." – Lilly Pulitzer. Never underestimate the importance of a social get-together! Dinner...

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Why does the Skin Break Out after a Facial

Why does the Skin Breakout after a Facial

It happens almost every time with me. I get a facial and walk out with glowing skin only to discover a breakout party on...
Indian Army

Indian army rescues pregnant woman stuck on Kashmir Highway

Abdul Aahad Khan was uncertain if his wife would live that night. He was uncertain about the fate of his unborn child. As Kashmir...
Simple Trick to Deal with Negative Thoughts

Simple Trick to Deal with Negative Thoughts

We all spend a lot of time inside our own mind — replaying past experiences that were not good, worrying about the future, in...