Saree Draping Mistakes to be avoided this Festive Season

Saree draping mistakes

It is very rightly said that nothing makes a woman look more beautiful than a saree does. She looks absolutely classy and fabulous in the most traditional manner.

Its the first choice of attire to be worn during the festive seasons as well as weddings. However, there are a few things that you need to take care in order to do justice to the saree (it is only fair to give the respect that this gorgeous drape deserves) and also look gorgeous! A small mistake can turn this elegant drape into an ugly disaster! Check out the Saree Draping Mistakes to be avoided this Festive Season

So here is the list of (very much) possible mistakes that should be avoided while wearing a saree

1. Trying new draping styles (when you do not know how to do it!): It is interesting to see a simple saree bringing out fascinating look when draped in a different style. But what is to be remembered is every new draping technique requires a different material of saree and not to forget the exact know how.

If you do not know how to drape it in any particular manner, then it is advisable to take help from someone who knows the various saree draping art or if that is not possible, then better not to give it a try.

2. Too many Pins : Although it makes the saree more manageable, but it also damages the delicate material of the saree and if by any chance the pins are visible, then it gives a very unstructured look to the saree.

So make sure that you have managed to hide all the pins behind the fabric. You definitely need to use 1-2 pins (or a brooch) to keep the pallu organized and a pin to keep the pleats in place.

3. Wearing it too High or too Low : The most elegant look is achieved when saree is worn exactly at the right place on the waist. Waist is just below your belly button (just to inform you!).

Tie the saree just above the waist bone, so that it sits right below your navel. Some people wear the saree too high like it’s almost on their chest or too low that it looks as if it will drop down any moment.

Wearing it too high will make you look short while wearing it too low creates a narrow ‘V’ shape instead of the intended beautiful mermaid shape.

So, tuck in the saree at the waist and it is guaranteed that you will look stunning, irrespective of your body shape.

Wrong Footwear on Saree4. Wrong Footwear : Your footwear definitely adds beauty to your overall saree look. Anything other than high heels, stilettos or peep toes lower the glam quotient of the saree.

Footwear’s like casual platform heels, wedges, flats, slippers and even your cute ballerinas will only ruin your look. If you are tall then try kitten or block heels rather than going all flat!

5. Misfit Blouse : Blouse which is too loose or too tight will spoil the look as well as will be very uncomfortable to wear. If you want to wear a tight sexy blouse or those delicate fits, make sure you bring your body in the best shape by following a fitness regime (I am sure you do not want your back fat to be bulging out of your blouse) and are confident enough to carry it. Also if your bra straps are visible, ask your tailor to attach a bra strap holder to your blouse.

Misfit Blouse - Saree draping mistakes

6. Wrong (size or colour) Petticoat : Just as a misfit blouse can ruin your look so can a wrong sized or mismatched Petticoat. Flared petticoat should be avoided as they firstly, make you look fat and shapeless and secondly, make the task of managing the saree quite difficult.

Too Loose petticoat will make you look fat especially at the waist and too narrow petticoat will force you to walk like a duck.

The length of the petticoat should also be appropriate. Just make sure that the length of your saree as well as the petticoat are floor length even while you wear your footwear. Similarly, a mismatched coloured petticoat spoils the saree’s beauty. So match the petticoat with the saree in the daylight.

7. Wrong Hand Bag : Not paying adequate attention to the bag that you’ll be carrying with your saree is another mistake which is quiet common. Clutches and potli bags are the best to carry with a saree whereas sling bags, totes, large handbags, backpacks are all wrong (no matter how stylish they are otherwise).

8. Pallu and Pleats : As it’s a new trend lately to leave a bit of the blouse uncovered it has to be kept in mind that the attention shifts from the saree to the blouse. So if you do this, make sure that the blouse should be having heavy embroidery. Otherwise pallu should cover the front of the blouse properly. In any case, pallu should not be too narrow over the front part of the blouse as it creates an impression as if the bosom is too broad and bulged sideways which lowers the elegance of the saree. Also, keeping the pallu length 5-7 inches below the knees can flaunt the appearance of saree.

Saree Pleats - Saree Draping Mistakes

Regarding the pleats, there should ideally be 6-7 pleats measuring about 5-6 inches wide. The width should be even and placed exactly one above the other. Too many pleats will make your belly look big.

Rest you just have to pay attention to the makeup which should be according to your saree and occasion. It should not look as if a makeup bomb just exploded on your face. Also the jewellery should be in sync with your overall look.

Just avoid all the above mentioned mistakes and let the saree add to your gorgeousness this festive season!!

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