How to tell If Someone Hates You Secretly

How to tell someone hates you secretly

“O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” – Iago, Othello

By now most of us would have realised that we cannot be liked by every person we know. And we will end up making a few friends who (for whatever reason) will SECRETLY dislike us. So, how to tell If Someone Hates You Secretly, when not everyone’s behaviour is same. Some of them may display some obvious signs, such as smile with fangs dripping with blood (kidding!!), lesser eye contact, having a flat tone or rolling his eyes while talking to you etc.

However, those who dislike or hate us but choose to hide their real emotion are real toxic ones! Not necessarily all the signs will be present in that person, but you can connect the dots together and find out whether someone dislikes you or it’s just your brain going wacky.

So here are some of those subtle signs displayed by people (knowingly or unknowingly) who hate you secretly.

1. He/She convinces others too that you are a bad person.

The biggest problem with people who dislike you secretly is they choose to convey their feelings by their body language or other actions instead of telling you on face.

If someone is blaming you for things that are not under your control, that usually means they are trying to put a negative focus on you.

They will try to defame you and convince others too. Also, if somebody tries to bring your business out in the public and try to humiliate you for no reason. It could simply be their jealousy (after all they have to vent out the hatred stored in their heart).

2. You barely fit-in the group.

That person is never excited or happy to include you in the group plans. Sometimes you are the only one who is not invited or maybe even aware about a party at this person’s house.

3. They hate to listen to you.

It is a proven psychological fact that people who don’t like you much will not be comfortable around you. They will also tend to avoid being engaged in any sort of communication with you.

If you are telling this person about your weekend plans and he/she is just pretending to listen or maybe you are repeating things that you just said because that person missed it. Then it’s a clear sign that he just doesn’t care about you or is not interested to know anything good and exciting about your life.

If this kind of attitude is constant and is not because of some kind of turmoil going on in this person’s life, then there is a need of re-evaluation.

4. This person hardly shares his feeling with you but is open with everybody else.

How to tell someone hates you secretlyIf you feel that you share your secrets with this ‘friend’ but you hardly know anything about him (and he isn’t an introvert). Then it means that this person either thinks you aren’t trustworthy or he doesn’t feel that connected to you. The red flag is when you are the only person in the group who doesn’t know things about this friend, rest everybody else is closer than you to this person. It stinks!! But it is obvious that this person doesn’t want to be friends with you.

So you need to find out the friendship credentials of this person before you divulge any more secrets to him/her.

5. Attitude, just for you.

Somebody can be having a bad day and thus throwing tantrums at you for a while is fine. But if it is a repeating thing and you are always at the receiving end, then it is a problem. There is something wrong with your friendship.

Attitude only for yoy to show hate

A bad attitude can adversely affect your mood too and spoil your day. You don’t have to be around all that negativity because it is infectious.

6. Will never acknowledge your achievements.

It is the most obvious way by which your secret hater projects negativity. When you achieve something small or big and people usher you with compliments and praises, this person will be as cold to you as possible. Or in case they do compliment, it will be accompanied with such an uncomfortable attitude, it could imply how they really feel about you.

How to tell someone hates you secretly, they are Jealous of your achievements.They will avoid spending their time to celebrate your happiness or achievements as it reminds them of their failure or unhappiness. Also behind your back they will go ahead and link your achievements to some other underlying reasons or because of somebody else’s efforts. This is only their insecurity that the emotion of jealousy brings.

They will always prefer to focus on your shortcomings than complimenting you. I need not say that this person or his opinion should not matter in your life at all!

7. They would love to know about your miseries.

As much as they hate to see you happy, they love it when you are undergoing some kind of trouble in life. They will either act as a confidant or would try to find out about your situation from your close friends. The best thing is to let them be wicked and just ignore them. They would love to see your painful reactions so you need not give them anymore happiness.

8. Try to be like You.

If this person has started to dress like you, or walk and talk like you or may be suddenly got interested in the same kind of work that you do, then you have a confused and jealous hater with you.

Dress like you out of insecurity still they dislike youIt’s weird but they want to show that they can do it better than you. Remember that there is a difference between a friend sharing same tastes and interests as you have and a ‘friend’ who is clearly imitating you.

Sometimes your gut feelings and sometimes some obvious signs of dislike, will tell you who is your real friend and who needs to be avoided (or if need arises, to be kicked out of your life).

Your hater has to justify all that negativity in his heart so he will find new ways to manifest this hatred.

You just have to wise enough to give importance to your real friends and avoid the fake ones. So, now you know how to tell If Someone Hates You Secretly.

You don’t have to deal with all the negativity that these people bring in your life. Rise and be wise!!

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