Underlying Meaning of What Your Wife Just Said

This is what she actually meant
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With years that you spend together as husband and wife, it is likely that you understand each other. There are times when your wife says ‘yes’ for a thing but she actually wanted to say ‘no’! But you do get her point by reading her body language and tone of saying it. Well in our ‘women world’, there are a few standard statements which has an underlying meaning to it. If you’ll spend your two minutes reading this blog, you’ll understand the underlying meaning of what your wife just said or will (definitely) say in future. So Read on!

1. “Are you going out in that?”

The underlying meaning: “You look bizarre. Please change.”

What do you do  Just change your clothes without questioning her back.

2. “Are you hungry?”

The underlying meaning: “I am very hungry.”

What do you do  Depending on your hunger, you might say yes or no to this question. But she’s actually asking you because she’s hungry and she would love it if you wanted to grab a bite too. So just ask her what she would like to eat.

3. “Do I look OK?

The underlying meaning: “Do I look strikingly beautiful? Because I think I do!”

What do you do Never tell her that she is looking ‘OK’. Because No woman wants to be told that she looks “OK.” Put your awesome vocabulary to work for flattering her.

4. “Do whatever you want…”

The underlying meaning: “…but I’m not happy about it. And I don’t want you to do it”

What do you do The word ‘whatever’ is a red flag in conversation with a woman. So choose wisely if you want to do it or not.

Hug her tightly
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5. “Do you have to go?”

The underlying meaning: “I don’t want you to go.”

What do you do Take it as a compliment because she says this as she misses you when you are away from her. Give her a hug!!

6. “Do you need to pull over for a washroom break?”

The underlying meaning: “Stop the car ASAP. I have to go!”

What do you do: Pull over whenever you find the first restroom.

7. “Do you think she’s pretty?”

The underlying meaning: “Is she prettier than me?”

What do you do Be very careful while answering this question. She is probably comparing herself to that other woman, and she wants you to reassure her that she is the prettiest woman in the world for you.

8. “Fine.”

The underlying meaning: Varies

What do you do Pay attention to the nonverbal signs here. If she doesn’t sound fine when she says this, she is definitely not fine.

9. “I don’t care where we go out to eat.”

The underlying meaning: “I want to eat something specific, but I can’t figure out what it is, so you can name off places until I hear one I like.”

What do you do Keep giving her options (most of them will be turned down by her). She’ll pick one eventually once she thinks that was the specific restaurant she wanted to visit.

10. “I don’t have anything to wear.”

The underlying meaning: “I have many dresses in my closet, but the four that I actually wear are dirty.”

What do you do: Plan for a laundry day.

i look ugly today
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11. “I look so ugly today!”

The underlying meaning: “I am feeling self-conscious today, and I really want you to compliment me.”

What do you do Women love to hear that they’re beautiful. She might tell you how she hates her hair or her nose. But you have to remind her that she is beautiful from inside and outside.

12. “It doesn’t matter.”

The underlying meaning: “Undoubtedly it does matter!”

What do you do Read her body language and tone of her voice. If she tries to end a conversation with “It doesn’t matter,” then make every effort to keep talking, because the truth is, it does matter.

13. “What did you say?”

The underlying meaning: “I’m giving you a second chance to rephrase what you just said or else be ready to bear the consequences”

What do you do Choose your words carefully.

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