5 Facts About Priyanka Yoshikawa – Half Indian Wins Miss Japan

5 Facts About Priyanka Yoshikawa – Half Indian Wins Miss Japan

Priyanka Yoshikawa, a half – Indian, half – Japanese, 22 year old girl was crowned with the title of Miss Japan 2016 on 06 Sep. Yoshikawa faced backlash on social media after several users commented saying that the beauty pageant should have been won by a “pure” Japanese contestant, instead of a “haafu” – a word used in Japanese to refer someone who is bi-racial.

Japan is largely racially homogenous country and mixed racial people have always faced challenges and critical comments. However, Tomoko Morikawa, director of the Miss World Japan Office, told CNN that Japanese beauty standards are changing, and that Yoshikawa had been chosen this year based on both her looks and contribution to society.

Following are a 5 Facts About Priyanka Yoshikawa:-

1.  Her father Arun Ghosh is from Kolkata, India. He went to Japan in 1985 and later married her mother Naoko, a Japanese.

2.  She is a Japanese interpreter, an avid kick-boxer and also holds a license in elephant training.

3.  Her politician great-grandfather once welcomed Mahatma Gandhi for a two-week stay at their home in Kolkata.

4.  She is the second biracial beauty queen in Japan’s history. Ariana Miyamoto, a half-black, half Japanese woman, won the title of Miss Universe Japan 2015.

5.  She will represent Japan at the global platform of Miss World beauty pageant.

Despite the criticism, Yoshikawa vowed to fight against the racial prejudice in the country and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

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