Indian army rescues pregnant woman stuck on Kashmir Highway

Indian Army

Abdul Aahad Khan was uncertain if his wife would live that night. He was uncertain about the fate of his unborn child. As Kashmir battled rain, avalanche and heavy snowfall in April, a couple was on its way from Bandipore to a hospital in Srinagar. But, at 1.30am, the ambulance they were traveling in broke down on the highway. Khan was a bundle of nerves as the vehicle had been stuck for nearly two hours. What’s worse, the stretch ahead was blocked due to a landslide.

But the driver of the ambulance showed the presence of mind and decided to let the sirens blare.

Soon, troops from a Rashtriya Rifles battalion nearby rushed to the spot and found the woman was in a critical state.

They immediately swung their assault weapons behind their back and began pushing the ambulance to get it started. The Soldiers set about saving the woman and also set an example for all humanity by helping out in bringing a new life on earth. The Soldiers in late night hours, when the cold was at its worst, pushed the ambulance carrying the woman and then suggested an alternate route reach the hospital faster.


Amid heavy snowfall, the soldiers pushed the vehicle for more than 500 meters

Even after the recent incidents of stone pelting at Army Soldiers that has created tension, they left all grudges behind when it came to serving civilians and did not hesitate at all in rushing to her rescue. The valley is witnessing a double-whammy natural calamity including a flood-like situation, and heavy snowfall that caused avalanches and even landslides.

Some 12 hours later, Khan called up the company commander of SK Bala Army camp to inform him that his wife had been saved due to the timely help provided by the soldiers and delivered a healthy baby boy at Lal Ded hospital.

“Anything could have happened if the soldiers hadn’t come to our rescue. My wife and son are alive because of them. We will always pray for the well-being of soldiers and their families,” Says Mr Khan

Ladies and Gentleman, This is Indian Army for you. Unfortunately, The Anti-Army brigade still finds sympathizers in our Country. These paper tigers will leave no stone unturned to defame the Forces, but never acknowledge the selfless service and sacrifice of these extraordinary gentlemen.

When you lose all hopes. There is One organization which always rises to the occasion.

All they want in return from you is to Be a Citizen worth Fighting for. 

Source : Hindustan Times

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