The Kapil Sharma Show – Comical, Controversial or Political

The Kapil Sharma Show – Comical, Controversial or Political

Comedy King and host of the most popular comedy show on Indian Television “The Kapil Sharma Show”, Kapil Sharma have always been a loved figure in the indian household.

His journey from modest background to stardom is indeed inspiring. With his witty responses and one liners he has won the hearts of all. You think of Comedy, You think of Kapil.

Off late Kapil Sharma has been in the limelight for everything but Comedy. So let’s see this new “The Kapil Sharma Show” is Comical, Controversial or Political.

@KapilSharmaK9 The Kapil Sharma Show – Used to be Comical, Now seems Controversial and Political — readxp (@readxp) September 10, 2016

How it starts

What did kapil do to get so many nasty eyeballs on him.

On 08 Sep 16, Kapil tweeted about a bribery demand from some BMC official regarding the construction of his office in Mumbai.

His tweet goes like :-

“I am paying 15 cr income tax from last 5 year n still i have to pay 5 lacs bribe to BMC office for making my office @narendramodi”


This tweet is perfectly fine. Information of BMC asking for bribe should have been put in Public Domain and Kapil did the right thing.

Some may feel, was there a need to tag The Prime Minister of India ?

Story is simple. Kapil was asked for bribe, he thought it to be a moral responsibility to bring it out in open and also bring it to the notice of highest body in India. If this story is simple, then the logic behind tagging PM is even simpler. If he brings something to the notice of someone as powerful as PM, then all Officials down the line would feel the heat and need to investigate the case and bring it to its logical conclusion. He never expected PM to personally investigate the case. It was more of a message to concerned officials that “boss, you need to clean this mess, PM is watching”

Kapil’s tweet sounds Controversial and Political

Till, now it does not sound much of Tragical or Political.

But then, the humour king had another torpedo in the bag. His next torpedo, oops …  i mean tweet read :-

Yeh hain aapke achhe din ? @narendramodi

Now, This is where everything becomes Controversial and political.

Kapil has directly targeted the Tag Line / Slogan of BJP and Prime Minister.  At this point onwards his tweet stops sounding like  “Voice against Corruption” and looks more like words coming out from the mouth of a Spokesperson of Opposition Political Party. It is tragical for the common public since they didn’t expect this from him and political for not so common people.

As we say “No action is right wrong, It’s the Intent that makes it so.”

And sorry to say Kapil, now your intent does not sound right.

Had the intent been honest. Kapil would have backed his tweet with an Official complaint to BMC and Home Minister of Maharashtra. Let’s say that Kapil is from a humble background and is not used to the mud slinging and dirt that flourishes in Sarkaari System and he was not aware of the procedures.

Well, now he pays Rs 15 Crore just as taxes, he can definitely afford more than decent legal advisors and advocates.

Here’s what many think

How his image will change after these tweets

Kapil’s popularity was largely attributed to his image of being someone from our own neighbourhood. Now he pays Rs 15 crore as taxes, he is a big man. And I don’t know anyone who even earns 15 Crores leave aside paying taxes.

What we should hope for

Let’s just hope this matter does not escalate further and Kapil goes back to doing what he is best at. Let’s enjoy the festive mood of Ganesh Chaturthi and have a look at some Fashion Tips

We all love Kapil and can’t thank him enough for making us ROFL, LMAO, LOL, LOLWA and what not.

What do you think ?

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