Saina Nehwal shuts the Twitter Troll Down with Grace, Humility and Style

Saina Nehwal shuts the Twitter Troll Down with Grace, Humility and Style

All for 2 Minutes of Fame and some Melodrama. It wasn’t meant to hurt our Badminton Queen “Saina Nehwal”, but this juvenile tweet didn’t go down well with the REST OF INDIA.

And why not, we Indians are not used to taking this non-sense quietly when Pride of Our Nation are targeted for cheap publicity.

The drama unfolded with PV Sindhu storming into the Finals of Olympics. Instead of appreciating Sindhu, this attention seeker went on to target Saina Nehwal.

A Naive publicity seeker under the twitter handle @ImAnshS6 tweets.

@NSaina dear saina…pack ur bags..we hav found someone who knows how to beat the best ones

— anshul sagar (@ImAnshS6) August 18, 2016

It was the Ace Shuttler herself who responded. This Tweet from Saina demonstrates What separates CHAMPIONS from others.

Sure thank u Sindhu is doing really well India is doing really

— Saina Nehwal (@NSaina) August 18, 2016

Twitter India did ensure that this Guy realises the sin he has committed. And then miraculously, Mr Tough turned into Mr Soft and Sweet. Well, he thought he has attained his goal, after all negative publicity is . . . . . . still publicity.

@NSaina sorry for hurting u
..i really didnt mean it..i still love u…still a big fan

— anshul sagar (@ImAnshS6) August 18, 2016

And, yet Again, Saina proves “CHAMPIONS WILL BE CHAMPIONS”. Her tweet taught a very important lesson to all of us “keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground”.

No problem my friend all the best to u

— Saina Nehwal (@NSaina) August 18, 2016

After he was trolled big time, he came up with a justification.

she has acceptd my apology so i dont need 2 explain anythng 2 anyone. @NSaina

— anshul sagar (@ImAnshS6) August 19, 2016

Well, “Mister @ImAnshS6 you owe an apology to whole of India for your brainless comment just for “2 min fame”. National Heroes are not a tool to make you Mr popular on Internet. Don’t stoop that low.“

Let’s, have a Look at how Twitter reacted to this “2 Min of Fame” tweet. It’s heartening to see, India shutting the menace down and extending full support to Saina

@NSaina Leave it Saina.. You are the Sachin of Badminton… Form is temporarily but class is permanent…

— Mohammed Anzil (@anzilone) August 19, 2016

@NSaina @ImAnshS6 Indeed a nasty comment for a person who has given her life to bring laurels to the nation. She played with Maria with a..

— Sanjeev Gupta (@sanjg2k1) August 18, 2016

@NSaina You are the sachin of #badminton @Pvsindhu1 is the Kohli with same amount of aggression.. @ImAnshS6

— divyanshu rai (@i_am_divyanshu) August 18, 2016

@NSaina @ImAnshS6 grounded girl. I admire you for this. Will always remember how well behaved you are. All the best

— Mrs. Jayashree (@jayashreeravish) August 18, 2016

@NSaina “Do not feed the Trolls” .. Well done Saina ! Calm and composed

— Lolwale (Olympian) (@sabkilengayab) August 18, 2016

@NSaina @ImAnshS6 u r champ saina n I vil b alwz remembered for taking badminton to another level in India,u bought d revolution!!!!!

— Nikhil Poddar88 (@poddar88_nikhil) August 18, 2016

@NSaina @ImAnshS6 that is something we don’t see now days … A good apology and no hard feelings…. Sania you are inspiration to many

— milind kawli (@milind_kawli) August 19, 2016

@NSaina @ImAnshS6 true champion.. Salute to your grace and class!!

मुफ्त का ग्यान #NMF (@Juhieye) August 19, 2016

@NSaina @ImAnshS6 Dear Anshul..don’t be a short term memory loss. She is a compaion & vl always be, was just a bad day for her at #Rio2016

— Prashant Tyagi (@sunnyktyagi) August 18, 2016

@NSaina @ImAnshS6 already hurt saina and some Indians too . Man . Just think wat u have post. Abhi mafi mang ke nikal lo .

— BeingChirag Dave (@BeingChiragDave) August 18, 2016

@NSaina aise kaise..phle olympics jaakr dikhao..aise maafi nhi milegi :p

— Anshul Singh (@awesome_anshul) August 18, 2016

@NSaina @ImAnshS6 He will use same mindset for Sindhu after few years. But brother forget nt players play for the nation. Saina ho ya Sindhu

riमा (@gsgarima36) August 19, 2016

@NSaina I knew it. That is the reason you are role model and a youth icon

— Lets BC (@amitsharmasir) August 19, 2016

@NSaina @ImAnshS6 good sport Saina . But wait for another jerk Shobha le @shobhade

— Naveen Goel (@naveeng72) August 19, 2016

@NSaina You are a Champion Material. You would find such potholes everywhere.

— Vinay khasnis (@Vinaykhasnis) August 19, 2016

@NSaina ,I wish I could remember ur reaction lifelong 2 bring change in me. Also will teach dis lesson of politeness 2 my son, hats off .GWS

— Nimesh Gandhi (@nimeshgandhi7) August 19, 2016

@NSaina True sports(wo)man ship . It takes years to learn patience and calm. Hats off to you ! Get Well Soon ..

— Sunny (@surajmore) August 19, 2016

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