Yogeshwar Dutt Gets a Silver Upgrade

Yogeshwar Dutt Gets a Silver Upgrade

Though Dutt had a Disappointing Time at Rio Olympics 2016, but there is some Blast from the Past left in the Store for the Strongman. Dutt must have been feeling little down and out after 1st round exit in Rio. He was India’s Medal hope and must have been under tremendous pressure, carrying the burden of Expectation is not an easy task. At this difficult time, Silver upgrade would have come as breath of fresh air for the Haryana Powerhouse Yogeshwar Dutt.

Yogeshwar Dutt will never forget the deceased Russian Wrestler Besik Kudukhov. Yes, it was the hard work of Dutt which earned him a Bronze in 2012. On the contrary, had Kudukhov not qualified for the finals, Dutt would have never got his Bronze Medal match (Such are Wrestling Rules & Regulations) because he lost his pre-quarterfinal bout to Kudukhov.

But when the young Russian qualified for finals, Yogeshwar got another opportunity for a podium finish in the repechage round.

Dutt was then unstoppable. He defeated

         Franklin Gomez of Puerto Rico,

         Masoud Esmaeilpour of Iran, and

         Ri Jong-myong of North Korea to claim bronze.

Who Defeated Whom at London Olympics to claim Medals
       Yogeshwar Dutt Defeated Ri Jong-myong of North Korea to claim bronze.

       Toghrul Asgarov of Azerbaijan Defeated Besik Kudukhov of Russia to Claim Gold

       Besik Kudukhov settled for Silver.

Status After Dutt’s Silver Upgrade

      Toghrul Asgarov   – Gold

      Yogeshwar Dutt    – Silver

      Ri Jong-myong     – Bronze

About Besik Kudukhov

On December 29, 2013 Kudukhov lost his life in a car accident while driving to Krasnodar to carry the Olympic torch through Krasnodar and onward to Sochi for winter Olympics.

Kudukhov had earned the torch-carrying honor after a five-year run as the world’s most dominant wrestler. Twice he had Podium Finish at Olympic games, bronze medal 2008 and Silver in 2012 (to be stripped). Kudukhov was on the verge of sweeping the quad when he ran into Toghrul Asgarov of Azerbaijan in the London finals. He is still a Four-Time World Champ, but there is now a stain on his magnificient Record.

The Other Side

Yogeshwar Dutt Silver Upgrade is indeed a moment of Celebration. But Lets not Forget, Kudukhov was one of the most Charismatic wrestler of all times. Born in the year 1986, in his early twenties only, he  clinched World Title 4 times. Don’t You think stripping off a Medal from an Athlete after his demise is debatable. Or, is there something more to what actually meets the eye.

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