Yogeshwar Dutt Refuses Silver Upgrade

Yogeshwar Dutt Gets a Silver Upgrade

When whole of Print & Digital Media was busy celebrating the headline “Yogeshwar Dutt gets Silver Upgrade”. And Four Time World Champion Besik Kudukhov was even belittled by some section of Indian Media.

We gave you, “The Other Side”. Now that “Yogeshwar Dutt Refuses Silver Upgrade” is trending, lets have a look as to what was “The Other Side”.

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The Other Side

Russian Wrestler Kudukhov

Yogeshwar Dutt Silver Upgrade is indeed a moment of Celebration. But Let’s not Forget, Kudukhov was one of the most Charismatic wrestler of all times. Born in the year 1986, in his early twenties only, he  clinched World Title 4 times. Don’t You think stripping off a Medal from an Athlete after his demise is debatable. Or, is there something more to what actually meets the eye.

Yogeshwar Dutts Refuses Silver Upgrade – A humane Gesture

Yogeshwar Dutt has proved that he has risen above petty considerations and holds his Moral Virtues at highest level. As a True Champion he has refused the Silver Medal which was to be handed over to him. In not so polite words, Dutt has refused to Snatch away the last remembrance of a son from his family. Thought the Russian wrestler’s samples were tested positive 3 years after his demise, his achievements and accomplishments can’t be brushed aside.

Dutt also held the same opinion and expressed his utmost respect for the 4 time World Champion. And that is what separates A True Champion from all others. Sometime human values need to be given priority over everything else. Dutt has won Hearts of many with his gesture of humanity.

Imagine the state of a Family who has lost their 27 year old Son, facing the wrath of Society. They have to bear with the taint on Kudukhov’s name for their whole life. And then, parting with their beloved’s last medal, who has already parted from them.

At this time, Dutt’s gesture would have meant a lot to the bereaved family.

It’s sad to see some Media Agencies stooping to the level of using demeaning headlines for some fanfare and TRP.

Being tested for banned substance, does not mean that the Athlete is guilty every time. There are many variables in the equations.

And anyway, Who does not make mistakes in his life ?

Hats Off to you, Mr Yogeshwar Dutt. You are a Hero in true Sense. We have a lot to learn from Champions like you and Saina.

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