What is BHIM and what all am I supposed to know

Install BHIM App

I happen to be amongst the first few who installed BHIM App to test it functionality, assess its robustness and check for bugs  first glance in the software. Ease of use forms the hallmark of this App as claimed by its creators. And I agree to it. Everything was so easy that I was able to :-

Install it easily

Set it up easily

Transact easily

Made it crash easily

Found few security loopholes easily

If You are interested in quick verdict ie  pros, cons and bugs in software, just scroll down to the bottom of this article. You may read this article in reverse order. It won’t make much of difference.

BHIM is a very significant development, but has come with an unacceptable delay. This app should’ve been launched way back in Nov, before the demonstration was declared.

At first look, It appears to be user friendly, flawlessly designed App which promises a lot. This app intelligently identifies your bank account through UPI using registered mobile number. Ans saves you from all the hassles of searching for Account Number, IFSC Code, MICR Code etc etc.

Anyway, Let’s Start with BHIM.

Here is the link for downloading BHIM

What is BHIM and what all I am supposed to know

It is an app that enables an user to make easy and quick money transactions using UPI. You can easily make direct bank to bank payments.  And you can also collect money instantly using just Mobile number or Payment address.

What is Payment Address (PA)

PA uniquely identifies a your bank Account.

Format of PA for BHIM looks like   [email protected]

Share your Payment Address with anyone to receive payments

You don’t have to share your banking details now.

You are also free to send money to anyone by using their PA


Who can install BHIM App and what are the prerequisites

It is currently available on Android (Version 4.1.1 and above) only. Apps for other platforms are expected soon. You will need the following:-

  • SmartPhone
  • Internet Connection
  • Indian Bank Account
  • Mobile No. registered with bank

Follow the on screen instruction to install the App. Choose your registered phone number in case of dual sim phones. Then Enter a 4 digit passcode. Keep it secret.

What is BHIM and what all I am supposed to knowWhat is BHIM and what all I am supposed to know

How much will I be charged for my transactions using BHIM

Nil.  However, your bank might levy a nominal charge as UPI or IMPS transfer fee. Check with your bank for more details.

How much time does a transaction take

Few seconds. (If all goes well)

Do I need to enable Mobile Banking or Internet banking


How to set up UPI-PIN

  • Go to Main Menu
  • Bank Accounts
  • Reset UPI-PIN

You will be prompted to enter the last 6 digits of your Debit/ATM card along with the expiry date. You will then receive an OTP which you will enter and set your UPI PIN.

(Remember ‘UPI-PIN  and  MPIN are not twins.)

There is a bug in this authentication procedure . Explained later in the article

How to link multiple Accounts

You can’t.

To whom can I send money using BHIM

If your beneficiary’s bank account is also linked to UPI, you can simply use their mobile mobile number or Payment Address to transfer. If not, you can use IFSC code, Bank account or MMID , Mobile number to send money.

How to send money

1) Click Send Money Option;

2) Enter or select the receiver’s mobile number or Payment Address (you can select from your contact list or enter it) or Aadhaar number

3) Enter the amount you want to send

4) Your default bank a/c gets selected

5) Enter UPI PIN and send

Click on top right icon (3 vertical dots) to send money using bank particulars

bhim-send moneybhim-send-bank

Additional options

Scan the QR code and pay through the ‘Scan and Pay’ option.

How my banking details were automatically detected.

It is a feature of the UPI payment platform (built by NPCI- an RBI regulated entity). The UPI platform fetches the accounts details linked with your phone number in a encrypted manner i.e. BHIM can’t see all the details. This communication happens over a secure banking networks. How secure ? I don’t know.


Good initiative. Setup has been very simple. Automatically detects bank details with mobile Number.

Simple Design.

Clean UI.


No option to remove bank account. You can just change.

No support for older SBI Maestro card which has no expiry date mentioned.

No back or exit option works when app stucks while loading.


  1. While resetting your UPI Pin.

Provide incorrect debit card number. It will still send an OTP to reset your UPI-PIN which I believe is a major loophole. This authentication using debit card number has serious issues and needs immediate fix.

  1. Viewing Profile information

Tap on your profile option. Profile detail is displayed on a  separate page, along with pagination (small dots).

Now press back button. Again enter profile. There is one more dot. That means it is storing previous profile access info or its generating a new page everytime.. When I repeated the process for about 30 times,  the app crashed.

3.   It can’t be termed as a bug. Still…. If you minimise the App, It will not log you out. That means your session still exists. And this isn’t good for banking apps from security view-point. As soon as you minimise, it should simply log you out. You have no business keeping the session open while you explore other stuff in your phone.

Though, fixing these bugs will not take much time. However, It just dents the trust factor associated with Government Apps. Developers need to take feedback and keep updating the App to prevent misuse / fraud.

Overall, Its a nice App with simple and clean UI. Needs some updates to fix the issues of its first release. Give it a try but be careful. Now I feel that my questions regarding What is BHIM and what I am supposed to know has been answered. What about you.

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