From Ideation to Implementation

From Ideation to Implementation

Being a story writer has been my dream for as long as I can remember. During school days, I could finish reading an entire book with a record timing. My rowing love for reading led my school librarian to put a limit on the number of books I could get issued. My passion led me to an opportunity to write a Book Review for “Scholastic” which was quite an achievement for a 9th grader. Back then, hardly did I have any idea, about book reviewing guidelines and formats.

Unsurprisingly I ended up writing, what was perhaps the lengthiest book review known to me in as many as 2000 words! But, nothing mattered to me more than the joy of being given that opportunity.

Fast forward to 15 years later, and here I stand – still carrying the same unfulfilled dream in my eyes buried under layers and volumes of corporate emails – the only writing that I now do. Now when I have taken a much needed break from the corporate jungle, my mind wanders around picking up the pen again.

But even before my hand could reach out to the writer’s pad, my intelligent mind screams of how childish this may turn out to be. To which my innocent heart questions, can I pull this off now? My journey from Ideation to Implementation begins.

The story is not just mine and so many readers can co-relate to the same premise. All of us, have carried similar raw romantic dreams for years before reality set in and drift us away from the joy of living. And why should it not, because those untested dreams may not have necessarily converted into rewarding careers, which also we dearly dreamt of.

Some childhood fantasies were never more than hobbies that faded at the slightest smell of difficulty. Not even 5% dreamers achieve goals with their hard work, dedication and continuous momentum.

We hear passionate success stories from all corners of the globe, be it story of OYO Rooms founder, Ritesh Agarwal or Harry Potter author, J.K Rowling. Ritesh Agarwal has very famously narrated his pre-success circumstances where he had no options but to lose all hope and accept failure. Every single achiever has gone through some very tough struggles before rising to positions of momentous success.  Below lines by Arunima Sinha seem apt to me for road to success.

From Ideation to Implementation“The real flight of this hawk is impending.
Still,this bird is yet to be tested for real.
Though I have leaped over the seas,
well,the entire sky is still remaining to fly.
And make sure that ,i am gonna do it with all my heart and all my soul.

We face many hurdles namely social conditions, government policies, getting financial support, parental support and even lack of time, to pursue dreams may be problem. It is my belief that if we have strong will-power then we can achieve any goal, despite obstacles. Solutions can be found with strategic planning, continuous knowledge gaining, and proper networking.

Today’s technological advances have made information easily sharable and location constraint zero. Startups are surfacing with innovative solutions for unrealized needs. Students and Women entrepreneur are given platforms to go from ideation to implementation stage. Digital age has reduced corruption and human generated hurdles to an extent.

“Made in India” scheme has encouraged people to take step in entrepreneurship. Way have emerged where with zero inventory and sometimes zero investment, business model can be developed. But, Zero investment should not be confused with zero knowledge investment.

Continuous knowledge gaining, doing certifications and courses open our mind and possibilities. Even people who are in family business need to update themselves and adapt to changing times. The speed with which technology is growing, one has to be ready for future possibilities and able to align themselves quickly to remain in market.

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For people with location constraints, internet has emerged as savior. Work from home, flexible hours, part time options are increasing rapidly. Full time mothers, housewives need not have 9-6 job to be financially dependent.

Bloggers, Authors, content writers, architect, IT professional, management consultant and online tutors are just examples where people can work in their comfortable homes and occasionally go outside.

Online courses of different categories can be done for free/price from prestigious institutes like IITs, IIMs, Coursera, Udacity, so on. Some courses have been developed in collaboration with International Universities like San Francisco, San Diego, California, Harvard business school, Google, Facebook.

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Dreams are not restricted to upper class or middle class, poor people also have dream which they fulfill after facing many hardships. With in-depth penetration of internet in rural areas, we can hope to see rise of achievers among them. Today what your idea is does not matter, you can achieve it, what matter is “The Freedom To Dream” is present inside everyone. Finally I would like to conclude with below quote.

Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding.
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.