My Make Up Horror Story

My Make Up Horror Story

Calvin Klein  had said “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural”

I have loved makeup since the time I was born (as exaggeratingly told by my mom!). Putting mom’s lipstick (and break it into half in the process), dabbing tons of talc on my face, and using any product that was within the reach of my small hands….

I have tried it all!! I was 3 years old, when I shaved my face as I used to see my dad shaving every morning so I thought why not try it?! Of course I had cut my left cheek and was caught by my mom (Thank God!!) before I could be any more adventurous! I still have the mark on my cheek (sad).

My Make Up Horror StoryAs I entered my teens, the makeup bug was making me go ape. I was all into the DIY and homemade makeup products. So my new experiment was this ‘homemade kajal (kohl)’. So the story is like this, I read somewhere that this kajal should be made at night so that it becomes jet black (I was that stupid to follow it in toto!!), I made it with ghee and all (no need to go into the ingredients part) and could not stop myself from trying it immediately (though I felt that something was wrong with the consistency, but never mind)!! I applied it, kind of liked it that time, and didn’t want to remove it before going to bed (a cardinal sin!), so slept with it.

In the morning when I got up my younger brother was the first person to see me (we shared the room) and the moment he saw my face he screamed and ran out of the room as if had seen a ghost!! And then I turned towards the mirror and guess what!? Even I screamed!!! My whole face was smeared with the kajal and with that straight out of the bed hair, I was looking like a witch from some Hollywood flick. I ran into the bathroom to wash my face and came out after some 20-30 minutes. I had tough time to make my brother believe that I wasn’t into any kind of witchcraft the night before!

So was that the last time I made that homemade kajal?? Hell ‘NO’. I improvised with time!! And now I am quite good with them!! It has taught me a very important lesson that life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you succeed!! So never give up!!

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