How to Check your Position While in Flight using a Smartphone

How to Check your Position While in Flight using a Smartphone

You have just boarded your flight from Delhi to Chennai. Its a long Flight. Thanks to Air India, most of the display screen infront of you does not work, and Indigo does not give you that screen, Isnt it ! And then you think of this song

I’m sitting here in a boring room, it’s just another rainy

Sunday afternoon. I’m wasting my time, I got nothing to do

I’m hanging around, I’m waiting for you

But nothing ever happens – and I wonder

Nice song isn’t it. Well you can hear it here, but only after reading this article.

And then you are like :-

  • What’s my position,
  • What’s the speed of my flight,
  • What’s my height above the ground
  • At what speed does my Flight Take Off

Nice to know things, isn’ t it !!

Well, you can check all those thing, without bothering the pilot and without flouting flight safety rules. All you need is a smart phone and few apps available freely on google play store.

Yes, freely, because we in India don’t believe in buying softwares / apps / music online. Leave buying, I have never even thought of buying. Well after the torrentz shutdown, our life has taken a hit.

Anyway … Coming back to the topic, install following apps from Google Play Store. (Also available on istore for ios)

Phone Tester App
Phone Tester App


** Google Maps needs data connection whereas doesn’t

Procedure for Installing Phone Tester
(Install using Phone 3G / WiFi)

Download apk file and click next next next.

And you are done.

Procedure for Installing
(Install using WiFi preferably)

Download apk file
Zoom anywhere in India
Message will be displayed to download map with routing
Click on download with routing downloading downloading map

An offline Map of India will get Downloaded.

And you are done.

Check your speed and Height above ground

Phone Tester MenuPut your phone in Airplane mode. (To avoid admonition from Air India Hostess 🙂
Switch ON your GPS (keeping phone in airplane mode)

Tap on phone tester
Tap on GPS Status

Wait for Some GPS satellites to lock on …

Have patience, it takes some time for the GPS to lock on inside an Aircraft.

The app will display the no. of satellites locked on.

Phone Tester GPS DataOnce your phone locks on to GPS. Following information will be displayed

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Bearing (direction)
  • Altitude
  • speed

Voila, you have Position, Height and Speed of your aircraft on your phone. Cool isn’t it !

Well, in the above pic, my speed is zero since I am on my couch writing this article without moving. But, your app will give you the speed of your Aircraft.

Not Happy !

Latitude and Longitude doesn’t impress you. It doesn’t make any sense to you. Rather you find it piece of junk like me.

Then will come for rescue. Minimise phone tester app.

  • Tap on app
  • Tap on position locator symbol on left bottom

And again, Voila.

You have your position on the map.

So, now you know whether you are flying above the Pink City Jaipur, or the City of Joy Kolkata or some other City.

Explore this method, and find out how many maneuvers does the pilot do, how many left rights he takes, how far he goes while taking a detour to avoid rough weather, when does your Aircraft lose height.

Same goes for your train travel. You get a call from your parents / spouse / siblings asking about your position and you don’t know what to answer. Launch your app and get your exact location instantly.

Thats not all.

Phone Tester gives you a lot more information regarding your phone’s hardware. Similarly can be used for bookmarking places and offline navigation when you don’t have the luxury of google maps.

Explore these Apps, share with your friends and let us know, what you feel about it …..

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