Soldiers are killed but Millitants Martyred, What’s wrong with us

No Respect for Martyrs

Two Soldiers, 4 Millitants Killed in Valley Encounter, reports the leading News Paper of this Country.

How can someone worth his salt not find this phrase Two Soldiers, 4 Millitants Killed, disturbing. Are Soldiers and Militants same for these Media groups. Showing respect to Soldiers are a bit too much to ask from these big shots.

In case these people are not aware. Soldiers are not killed. They attain Martyrdom defending this nation and protecting its citizens. Wether you like it or not, Its the soldiers who have given you the privelage to run your business and flourish. Soldiers have given the supreme sacrifice defending this nation and our so called Media groups can’t afford to give them the respect they deserve.

In a pre-dawn swoop, on Sunday, Indian Army gunned down four Hizbul Mujahideen militants in an encounter in Kulgam village in South Kashmir. Two soldiers made the supreme sacrifice fighting the millitants.

Indian Army salute the bravehearts

Another Leading Media Agency Economic Times Tweets

Four militants and two Army Jawans martyred in gunbattle in #Kulam in south kashmir (PTI)

Economic Times doesnot find any difference between Soldiers and Milllitants. For them, if Soldiers are called Martyrs why not the Militants. Fortunately, Citizens of this country have not sold their souls. This was aptly corrected by one responsible Indian under the twitter handle @TheSherni

Economic Times takes note and makes Correction

It took one Indian Citizen, who took Economic Times head on and made them realise their mistake. Had she not corrected them, they would have gone away with it. Here is the corrected tweet.

Media is often referred to as the watchdog to three pillars of democracy: Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary. However, it seems that certain sections of Indian media works more for their channel TRP than anything else. We as citizens don’t have to accept whatever these people are feeding us. We need to hold them accountable, make them correct their mistakes. We should not let them go escort free. It’s high time we make them realise we Indians will not accept anything against this country and its soldiers.

You may have sold your soul, we have not.

Its our duty to spread awareness and make more and more poeple know how these editorial desks churn out articles with no morality.

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